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Shane Robinson

We are thrilled to announce that Shane Robinson, one of our dedicated agents here at Compass Insurance,  has been recognized as one of the Big I of Illinois 40 Under 40 Agents. The agents featured in this article are defined as Illinois insurance professionals under 40 years old who are bright, rising stars in the industry. Check out his insights and interview below.

Inspired by Mentorship

Shane’s decision to pursue a career in insurance was influenced by a couple of mentors who inspired him to major in Risk Management and Insurance. As he delved deeper into the industry, he recognized the profound impact he could have on others by helping them achieve success in their business and providing peace of mind.

“Being an insurance agent aligns perfectly with my desire to help people, my work ethic, and my personal goals. It’s a career where I can truly make a difference while also achieving my own goals,” Shane explains.

Overcoming Early Challenges

When Shane first started his career, his biggest challenge was learning to handle the highs and lows of the insurance industry. Initially, he wanted to win every time and believed that any failure was his fault.

“The hard market taught me that things don’t always go as planned, and that’s alright. I’ve learned not to get too comfortable on a peak or too discouraged in a valley. These lessons have been crucial to my growth in the industry,” Shane shares.

Generational Perspectives in the Workplace

Shane believes that being part of a certain generation doesn’t define an individual. Every generation has highly motivated, driven individuals. However, he does feel that his generation values flexibility, freedom, and authenticity a lot.

“Generational characteristics evolve over time, and I feel like my generation has a lot to prove,” he adds.

The Impact of the Insurance Industry on Shane’s Life

The insurance industry has profoundly impacted Shane’s life. With his wife also working in the agency, he explains how their family has been incredibly blessed by the opportunities they’ve been given. The relationships he’s developed with clients, co-workers, carriers, and others will last a lifetime.

“I’ve always had a deep-seated need to be passionate and fully committed to what I do. This industry rewards that dedication, and I couldn’t be more thankful” Shane expresses.


As Shane continues to grow and excel in his career, we are excited to see the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the insurance industry and his community. His recognition in Big I’s 40 Under 40 is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and passion for helping others.


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A special thank you to the Big I of Illinois for this recognition and their ongoing support of independent insurance agencies throughout the state. The Big I of Illinois, also known as the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois (IIA of IL), plays a crucial role in serving independent insurance agencies like Compass Insurance. They provide invaluable resources, including professional development opportunities, advocacy at the state and national levels, and access to cutting-edge technology and tools. Their commitment to fostering a thriving community of independent agents helps ensure we can continue to deliver exceptional service and solutions to our customers. We are proud to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking community. You can learn more about the Big I of Illinois at their website: Big I of Illinois.