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For many dog owners in Illinois, obtaining homeowner’s or renter’s insurance has been challenging due to breed-specific dog restrictions imposed by insurance companies. However, there’s good news on the horizon as Illinois has taken a significant step forward by removing the dog breed exclusion list. In this blog post, we’ll explore the implications of this policy change and discuss what it means for all insurance policyholders in the state. Additionally, we’ll address the question of whether this change will lead to rate increases for everyone.

The Removal of the Dog Breed Exclusion List:

Illinois has made a progressive move by eliminating the dog breed exclusion list that previously impacted insurance policies. This means that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage or impose restrictions solely based on the breed of a dog owned by the policyholder. This change aims to promote fairness and remove the discrimination often associated with breed-specific policies.

Increased Access to Coverage for Dog Owners:

With the removal of the dog breeds exclusion list, all Illinois residents who own dogs, regardless of breed, can now have greater access to homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage. This is a significant victory for responsible dog owners who previously faced difficulties obtaining adequate insurance due to breed-based restrictions. The change allows for a more inclusive and balanced approach, considering each dog individually based on its behavior and history rather than its breed.

Evaluating Dogs on a Case-by-Case Basis:

Insurance companies will now assess dog-related risks on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the dog’s temperament, training, and history of aggressive behavior. This shift towards individual evaluation recognizes that responsible ownership and proper training play a crucial role in determining a dog’s behavior, regardless of its breed.

Impact on Insurance Rates:

One concern that arises when discussing the removal of breed restrictions is whether it will lead to rate increases for all policyholders. While it’s true that insurance companies assess risks and set rates based on various factors, including claims history and overall trends, the removal of the dog breed exclusion list does not necessarily result in automatic rate increases for everyone. Rates are determined by a combination of factors, and each insurance company may handle this change differently. It’s important to note that rates are typically based on an individual’s unique circumstances and claims history, rather than being solely influenced by dog ownership.

Responsible Dog Ownership and Mitigating Risks:

Although the breed-specific restrictions have been removed, responsible dog ownership remains paramount. Dog owners should continue to prioritize proper training, socialization, and supervision to mitigate the risks associated with dog-related incidents. Additionally, maintaining a safe home environment, such as having a secure fence, can help reduce potential liability concerns.

The removal of the dog breed exclusion list in Illinois is a significant step towards fair and inclusive insurance policies for all dog owners. This change means that insurance companies will evaluate dogs on an individual basis, considering behavior and history rather than breed. While rates are determined by various factors, the removal of breed restrictions does not automatically result in rate increases for all policyholders. Responsible dog ownership and understanding the importance of mitigating risks remain key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for both dogs and their communities.


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