Olivia Tredennick

Hello! My name is Olivia and I am a Customer Service Representative here at Compass. I am in my second year working in the insurance industry and I am loving the opportunities I’ve gotten to know the wonderful, hardworking people in our community. I look forward to continue growing and learning as part of the Compass team. I will be working to obtain my CISR designation coming up in the near future. My main focus day to day is to make insuring what you love as easy and accessible as possible.

Dylan and I

These are my wonderful, fat, ungrateful cats and life wouldn’t be the same without them!

As a CSR, I am responsible for servicing and maintaining the accounts of our valued insureds, like you! Greeting customers as they come into our office and chatting with them about their day and lives is one of my favorite parts of my job. I also enjoy answering questions, working out problems, and helping with changes as needed over the phone for our customers. I live in Fairbury and love my small, scenic town. I was born in Pontiac, but grew up in Fairbury and graduated from Prairie Central High School. Outside of work, you can usually find me binging my favorite tv shows and movies, relaxing, and/or playing with my 3 cats. I love spending time with my family and those close to me. I have a passion for house plants and especially find Marimo moss balls and airplants exciting and fun to care for. My favorite time of the year is winter and I live for Christmas. Going on walks, going to the theater to see movies and playing board games with my husband, Dylan, are some of my favorite past times. My immediate family lives in Forrest and we gather for family dinner every Sunday, which is always an enjoyable time!

My Family