Miranda Kaufman

Josh and I

Hello! My name is Miranda. I joined the Compass family in February of 2021. Prior to working for this amazing company, I worked at Gibson Area Hospital for 10 years doing an array of job duties from insurance authorizations, workers compensation claims, and even took a blood pressure or two. At the Gibson City office, I service all lines of insurance from personal, commercial, life, and health. No day is ever the same here and that is what I enjoy about my job, along with meeting all of our amazing customers.

I was born and raised here in Gibson City. My father is a local contractor and I began working with him by the time I was 9 years old. I wasn’t trusted with more than a hammer, a broom, and some nail filler, but I learned good work ethic none the less. By the time I was 15, I had received my workers permit and started working at the Country Kettle here in Gibson City. I haven’t worked there for over 8 years now, but I still miss my regulars and the farmers who gathered round the table for coffee in the mornings/evenings. Some have even stopped into our office here in town to say hello. I graduated GCMS High School in 2010, while I wasn’t the valedictorian, I was awarded Class Clown of my graduating class.

I met my husband, Josh, in 2017 who was raised in Cissna Park. He is an electrician for Edelman’s and has been in the profession going on 15 years. We have three children: Emmett, Torryn, and Kyla. Plus, one dog child named Tilly. My son Emmett is my kind-hearted child who always takes the time to give uplifting words of encouragement to anyone he sees might need it. He enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and football. My daughter, Torryn, is a character to say the least. She is shy, quick-witted, goofy, and LOVES Barbies. It is entertaining to watch as she sets her Barbies in a sit-up position and each Barbie has their own personal dialogue. My daughter Kyla is not quite a year old yet. She is learning to crawl and enjoys getting into Torryn’s Barbie dolls 😊.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, swimming in our pool, baking with my kids, kayaking (we own 14 of them) and taking out our 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser for a cruise (This has been in my family since 1993). Most summers are spent taking long rides in the Land Cruiser to nearby lakes, hiking trails, or just a slow putz around the country!

Emmett, Torryn, and Kyla

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser