Laura Frye

Hello Everyone!  My name is Laura and I have been a Customer Service Representative with Compass Insurance/Metz Stoller for almost 32 years.   For many years I worked in the Personal Lines Department, making sure my customers had their auto, homes, farms and toys insured properly and at the best possible rate.  Currently I am the CSR Manager, work with large commercial, and larger farm accounts.   It gives me great satisfaction to help solve my customer’s problems and provide the best possible service I can.    I have a passion for helping others.  I enjoy working with the new employees to help train them on our processes and help mold them to be successful in the agency.  Every day is different and I am always learning new things.  Helping people protect their families and what is most important to them gives me great joy!  Not to mention I work closely with some of the BEST PEOPLE EVER!!!  Compass is a great work family!  I am known as Mom to most of them.

John and I

I was born and raised in Fairbury, where I married my childhood sweetheart, John (Frye) from Chatsworth.    We have been happily married for 40 years and reside in Chatsworth.   John operates Dave’s Tire & Alignment, a family owned business for 50 years, in Chatsworth.

My greatest blessings call me Mom & Nana.  We have a son, Brad who is married to Karen. Brad works at the shop with John while Karen works for State Farm.  They have two children, Ethan and Emilie.   Our daughter, Nikki has recently moved back to the area.  She is currently employed by Selig Sealing Products in Forrest.  They complete our lives and bring us much joy.

Family Picture

Family and friends are what is most important to us.  We love making memories with them.  We make it a priority to spend a lot of quality time with both.  John and I like to travel and explore new places.  We have many favorite spots, that may included a few breweries and wineries along the way.  Our travels when home, include Go-Kart racing to watch our favorite racer, Ethan 32E, travel soccer games, basketball and baseball.  We love watching him do what he loves.  Emilie is keeping us busy with dance, piano, singing and softball.  Looking forward to her first recitals soon. Every moment spent with our precious grandchildren is a cherished memory.  We are truly blessed.

Ethan and Emily

Ethan after a race