Kathy Bickel

I was born and raised in the Arcola area, went all 12 years of school in Arcola and I bleed purple. God has blessed me with 66 years of life and still going strong. I started in the insurance business in April of 1989 when Dee Lindenmeyer decided to take a chance on hiring me. I have worked in the farm and life/health department all this time.

I have two children and two grandchildren who also live in the Arcola area for which I’m grateful. I am a member of the Arcola United Methodist Church and have been singing in the choir since the 1970s.

Oh yea, I also have 3 cats that have adopted me, so I guess you can call me the old crazy cat lady. That’s ok with me. Animals need all the help we can give them, and I’m doing my part.
My life isn’t as exciting as it was a “few” years ago, but I love my life and wouldn’t have changed anything, because the good and the bad times have made me who I am today.