Jeannine Melton

Hello all!  My name is Jeannine, I joined the Compass family in August, 2016 to help service our Commercial customers.  I have been in the insurance industry for just over 16 years.  I have worked in other industries that I have enjoyed, but for some reason, my road has always led me back to insurance; specifically, Commercial insurance.  Commercial insurance is hardly ever “black and white,” there can be many gray areas and no two instances the same.  I am always up for a challenge, and pride myself on providing exceptional customer service, hoping to always exceed our customers’ expectations.  I enjoy meeting and working with our customers and forming a relationship with them.

Dee and I

I grew up in the country West of Bloomington, just outside of Stanford.  This is where my roots are firmly planted and where I made awesome memories just being a kid.  Instead of electronics and phones, I played in a barn, road my bike to the railroad tracks, read books in trees and found my passion for mowing.  How else can you work and get a tan at the same time?  Due to the amazing experiences I grew up with, I knew I wanted to get married and raise my kids in a small town.

Our Family

I met my husband, Dee (Dalyn) who grew up in Lexington, which is were we live now.  Dee works for Beer Bros Concrete Cutting & Coring, Inc., where he works as a Union Operator cutting concrete.  Our children are Kylie, Gaige and Jaelyn.  Kylie turned the big 21 this year, so she is busy finding herself and wondering why she wanted to grow up so fast.  Gaige is definitely the ornery one, he loves playing video games, baseball, fishing, hunting, swimming, fishing and then more fishing.  Jaelyn is sweet and sassy and loves talking with her friends through kids messenger on Facebook, swimming, volleyball, basketball, softball and being with her friends.  We also have a bearded dragon, two guinea pigs and three dogs…it’s a beautiful chaos at our house!

Rae Dunn

As a family, we enjoy camping and days at the lake kayaking and fishing.  The guys try to catch enough fish each year to have a fish fry in September.  I enjoy decorating and home projects, photography, fixing up old pieces of furniture, crafting, having friends over and spending time with family.  I also enjoy hunting, but not the kind of hunting you’re probably thinking of; I love hunting for Rae Dunn with my co-workers!