Grant Kleinsteiber

Kailyn, Kora, Stella, and Me

Hi, my name is Grant Kleinsteiber and I am your local Compass insurance agent in Paxton. I grew up in Paxton and am thrilled to be in my home community. As an insurance agent, I serve people in the community for all their personal, business, life, farm, and any other insurance needs. My job is to make sure you and your family are protected with the right coverage.

To share some of my story, it is important to start where I have now ended up: Paxton. I grew up as the youngest of three with my parents, John and Lyndal, and my brother and sister, Ross and Rachel. My experience growing up here was more than any person could ask making so many lifelong friends from a young age. After graduating from PBL, I decided to pursue a career in education, earning a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University.

During college, I met the love of my life, Kailyn. Her nursing job took us back to her hometown in Shelbyville, Indiana where I worked as a school counselor and football coach for 5 years. Maybe the biggest perk of Indiana was being so close to Lucas Oil Stadium where the greatest football team on earth plays on Sundays. After having our first daughter in December of 2019, (Kora), we decided it was time to make some changes. That brought us back to Paxton where we know we have so many excellent friends and family members to raise our own family around.

After returning to Paxton, Kailyn and I had our second daughter, (Stella), who was born in August of 2022. Kailyn and I are proud of the roles we have taken on in Paxton coaching football, cheer, serving on the school board, and various other events. We are excited to be home and thank you for welcoming Kailyn, Kora, Stella, and me!

My Favorite Ladies