Brent Honegger

I was born right here in Fairbury IL at the old Fairbury Hospital, raised just one-mile East of Forrest right off of Hwy 24.   Jerry and Nancy Honegger are my parents and I have two sisters Marci in Bloomington IL and Dara in Alexandria VA.  We all graduated as Eskimos from FSW.  Forrest-Strawn-Wing, and yes, I actually did spend at least one year in each of those schools.

After FSW I headed off to Western Illinois University in Macomb IL, that’s right good old Macomb IL in the middle of nowhere!  After graduating from Western, I headed to St. Louis to work for Rainworld Supply Co., they were an irrigation supplier.  My primary responsibility was to call on irrigation contractors.  I started in the summer of 1988 and for those of you that are old enough to remember there was a major drought in 88’, that was pretty fortunate timing for me.

After four years in the irrigation business I decided that if I was going to continue being a sales person, I should probably sell something that is needed by everyone instead of something that is a luxury item and that is when I got into the insurance business.

I decided that living in the city was not something that I enjoyed so I moved back to central IL and got into what I knew best small towns and the people that live in them, especially the farmer.  The Federal Crop Insurance program was still fairly new to most farmers at this point and it was something that I enjoyed doing and to this day that is what I enjoy working with the farmer.


Kelly and I

My wife is Kelly (Mies) Honegger and although we grew up in neighboring towns, I did not even know that she existed until the first night that met her in April of 1995.  We have four children Luke, Brock, Megan and Sam.

We spend time every Summer at Table Rock Lake just south of Branson Missouri, it is a beautiful lake that the entire family has enjoyed for the past 20 years and we look forward to continuing the tradition in the years to come with our kids and hopefully grandkids.

I enjoy golfing and I used to play often but rarely play anymore and it shows when I do play, I am not very good.  I spend a lot of time in our yard landscaping, and I really enjoy maintaining 10 acres of timber that the family owns just east of Forrest.  You can’t hear your phone when you are on a mower or operating a chainsaw and it is nice to get a break every once in a while!

Luke and I Golfing

Megan and I

Cardinals Game with Brock

Sam and I